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General Practitioner Specialising in Reproductive and Sexual Health

General Practitioner Specialising in Reproductive and Sexual Health




About Me

Specialist in Reproductive and Sexual Health

Dr Karen Osborne ultrasound

Dr Karen Osborne is a UK trained general practitioner specialising in reproductive and sexual health. She is highly experienced in her field having worked in family planning and sexual health clinics first in the UK and then Australia for 13 Years. She regularly passes on her knowledge and experience as a GP registrar supervisor, lecturer in Family Planning and Implanon Trainer. Karen regularly contributes to magazine articles and guests on radio talkshows.



- Contraception Advice

- Mirena and Copper IUD insertion and removal

- Implanon insertion and removal / Jadelle removal

- GP Antenatal Shared Care

- Fertility and preconception advice  and investigation

- Sexual Health / STI testing and management

- PrEP (Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis) Prescriber

- HIV S100 Prescriber

- Unplanned pregnancy counselling

- Trained in gynecological and first trimester ultrasound

- Women's Health

- Men's sexual health

How I Can Help



I offer a wide variety of contraceptive and family planning options. from LARCs to diaphragm fittings and sterilisation advice.  

I am highly experienced at Mirena and Copper intrauterine device (IUD) insertion and IUD removal, including removal of threadless IUDs.  For added reassurance all IUDs are imaged on ultrasound after insertion.

As a MSD accredited Implanon trainer I am also an expert Implanon inserter and remover (including Jadelle removal).


GP Antenatal Shared Care


I hold a diploma from the Royal Colleges of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (UK) and provide high quality GP Antenatal Shared Care in conjunction with:

  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Royal Hospital for Women
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • St George Hospital

I also have on-site ultrasound if needed during a consultation

Women's Health

Womens health doctor

I am a firm believer in that no women has to put up with period problems. Heavy, irregular, painful and even absent periods can be managed.

I can also help with other women's health conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause, breast disease and cervical screening.

Sexual Health


I provide a non-judgmental and confidential  approach to sexual health problems and STI testing and treatment for all groups.

I am an accredited HIV S100 prescriber and  prescribe Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis (PrEP)


Men's Health


I encourage men not to neglect their health. Problems such as erectile dysfunction can not only be distressing but can also be a hallmark of other health problems. I can help with conditions such as erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation and lower urinary tract symptoms / prostate problems. 

Fertility and Preconception


As a family planning doctor one of my favourite consults is planning pregnancies. A preconception visit is recommended to any women who is planning a pregnancy. If you have been struggling to conceive, there  is a lot that I can do in terms of advice and investigation before needing to see a gynaecologist.

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Dr Karen Osborne

Clinic 66, 31 Bertram Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067, AU

02 9411 3411

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